#39 Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s… 2012?

30 Aug

Around my 39th birthday last year I set out to do 40 things (OK, not just any “thing” – check out the list) by my next birthday.

Somehow, though, I got stuck on 39. But that’s kind of poetic, right? How many people over 40 want to be perpetually 39? (Or maybe it’s 29?)

So, with one to go – “Visit another continent” – I can still say that it was a pretty damn good year capped off by a heck of a 40th birthday party.

V and I invited friends and family from near and far, and guess what? Many of the “fars” showed up! People drove an hour, four hours, seven hours, twelve hours (!) to be at the party. All I can say is, “Wow, I’m truly fortunate to have some of the best friends in the world!”

The biggest surprise, though, happened a week before the party. We were at home having a little celebration on my actual birthday (black bean cake – mmm) when the doorbell rang. I went to the front room and… BAM! I stood there stunned for a moment before realizing what was going on. V’s mom had flown all the way over from Sweden for the celebration! What a fantastic surprise!!!

And the party?? Well, it was pretty much awesome! Celebrated with a bunch of family and friends. Played some live music with a close friend and old band mate. Showed a few slides and told some funny stories from the past year. And danced the night away to my favorite tunes.

I don’t know how I’ll top the year that was, but at least I have one more really cool thing left on the list to look forward to.

Here’s to living life and celebrating whenever we can!

Photo: A little pre-party celebration with my nephews.

Photo: Check. Check. One more run-through before everyone arrives.

Photo: The gang’s together again! With Jon, Matt and Brett.

Photo: Kristi and Tanya looking fabulous!

Photo: Speaking of looking fabulous!

Photo: My sister Beth (aka “The life of the party”) with Nadia and Samir.

Photo: A wonderful reunion! Tanya, Matt, Meghan and Mark.

Photo: Some of my oldest and dearest friends. With Nancy, Cris, Jon and Jody.

Photo: Wow, what a fun night!


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